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Bondus is at the brink of a medical breakthrough for the production of diagnostics self-tests

Over the last two years, the company has developed a unique technology for manufacturing complex medical self-tests. This patented production process enables rapid and scalable assembly of plastic components with micrometer precision. This allows biotech and pharmaceutical companies to cost-effectively develop and produce new self-tests. After extensive validation with customers, it is now time for the company's next phase.

Bondus is seeking an investment of €1.2M to grow their team and realize market entry of their hardware platform.

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Together we can make life-saving self-tests accessible for everyone

Bas-Jan Hoogenberg • Co-Founder & CEO • Bondus


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Winner Innovation Award 2023

Kennispoort Innovation Award

The Innovation Award of Region Zwolle is a prestigious award in the Zwolle region that celebrates outstanding innovations driving economic growth and societal development.

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KplusV scaling program 2023

RTV Oost Interview

Bondus is working on a medical breakthrough in the development of self-tests aimed at speeding up production and reducing costs for future commercial applications.

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Winner Innovation Award 2023

Jan Terlouw Innovation Award

The Jan Terlouw Innovation Award is a prestigious Dutch award recognizing exceptional innovations that contribute to societal progress and sustainability.  

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