About Bondus

Our mission is to enable tomorrow's diagnostics. That is why we contribute our knowledge in materials, design and mechatronics to solve manufacturing challenges in microfluidics.  

At Bondus we believe in the possibilities of microfluidics, lab-on-chip- and organ-on-chip applications. At the same time we also see the challenges in manufacturing these often complex products. 

Our goal is to support the manufacturers and developers of microfluidic applications with their dreams of building better products for diagnostics and research. 

Innovative diagnostics deserve innovative production processes!  

Bondus started in 2020 with the development of a new process for the bonding of microfluidic products. What started with small experiments in a garage slowly grew into a startup. 

We are located at ZWINC, which is thé incubator for innovative startups in the Zwolle region, with extra knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing industry, plastics and IT sector.