Add-on services: Fluid Deposition

In addition to bonding services we provide fluid deposition services. 

Why? Because functionalization by fluid deposition is a common step just prior to the bonding step. This allows you to validate the compatibility of the bonding with other functions on your device. 

Equipment for non-contact deposition; 

  • SÜSS PixDro LP50 inkjet printer with KM512 setup. 
    Droplets volume of 3 pl and higher.
  • M2 Automation iTWO 300 array spotter with M2MD setup. 
    Droplet volume 10 nl and higher.

The possibilities are endless: (bio-)reagents, functional inks, conductive inks, coatings and much more…

Do our bonding and fluid deposition services not fully cover you needs? Please let us know as we may be able to offer services in collaboration with our partners.